Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Early Life of Doug Mears

Being an actor in his early life, Doug Mears initially completed his schooling in Massachusetts after which he went to school at Colby College in Waterville where he majored in twin disciplines namely Business and German administration. After graduating from college, he pursued his acting career for a while, appearing in National commercials as well as in over thirty five regional ones. Consequently, he became one of the most popular faces in the United States advertisement industry, between the years of 1983 till 1990. Apart from these seven years working in showbiz, Doug Mears professionally has remained a part of the commodity brokerage sector ever since the 90’s era.
After putting a halt to his acting career in 1990, he worked for the American National Futures Cooperation, which was based in the state of California, as the Senior Accounts Executive for five consecutive years. Later on, however, Mears switched over to the Statewide Commodity Brokerage Corporation, where he also worked as the Senior Accounts Executive from the year 1995 till 1998.
In 1998, Mears working with a partner launched his very own company by the name of Tiger Financial Corporation. This particular company had branches in the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Thousand Oaks, and Santa Monica, California respectively. This venture was short lived as in the year 2007, he sold a half of his company. Now however, he is currently operating the National Trading Corporation. Of this organization, he is the founder, so therefore has the position of the CEO. This organization aims to offer various alternate methods of investing, through managed futures, along with the implementation of a number of derivative trading strategies that have since recent times, proved to be quite successful, especially during particular commodity and equity trends.
He also has his very own blog on Word press, where he posts about different topics that are concerned with gold trading. Also, he addresses a wide array of other issues such as consumer handling as well as marketing strategies and techniques. With his recent successes, this actor turned entrepreneur, is rapidly adding his share to the trading world. 

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