Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Early Life of Doug Mears

Being an actor in his early life, Doug Mears initially completed his schooling in Massachusetts after which he went to school at Colby College in Waterville where he majored in twin disciplines namely Business and German administration. After graduating from college, he pursued his acting career for a while, appearing in National commercials as well as in over thirty five regional ones. Consequently, he became one of the most popular faces in the United States advertisement industry, between the years of 1983 till 1990. Apart from these seven years working in showbiz, Doug Mears professionally has remained a part of the commodity brokerage sector ever since the 90’s era.
After putting a halt to his acting career in 1990, he worked for the American National Futures Cooperation, which was based in the state of California, as the Senior Accounts Executive for five consecutive years. Later on, however, Mears switched over to the Statewide Commodity Brokerage Corporation, where he also worked as the Senior Accounts Executive from the year 1995 till 1998.
In 1998, Mears working with a partner launched his very own company by the name of Tiger Financial Corporation. This particular company had branches in the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Thousand Oaks, and Santa Monica, California respectively. This venture was short lived as in the year 2007, he sold a half of his company. Now however, he is currently operating the National Trading Corporation. Of this organization, he is the founder, so therefore has the position of the CEO. This organization aims to offer various alternate methods of investing, through managed futures, along with the implementation of a number of derivative trading strategies that have since recent times, proved to be quite successful, especially during particular commodity and equity trends.
He also has his very own blog on Word press, where he posts about different topics that are concerned with gold trading. Also, he addresses a wide array of other issues such as consumer handling as well as marketing strategies and techniques. With his recent successes, this actor turned entrepreneur, is rapidly adding his share to the trading world. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Analysing the technical Steps of Investment and Trading of Stocks

Trading involves the basic selling or buying a trade for a minute to a period of six months. On the other hand, investment means in simplistic terms to make the money work and pay money for the investor.

Guidelines on Basic Steps of Trading and Investment by Doug Mears – CEO of National Trading Corporation.

Characteristics of Investment in stocks:
The unaccountable profits of investment comes along with the topic of potential loss. If this statement churns your innards, stick to the savings option, which focuses solely on the risk and awaits the principal amount. Investment however focuses on the return and none on the risk. The unexpected factors of inflation and such return null even with the pre-accorded risk factors of saving.
      Upside Potential
Ownership of a stock as part of investment means taking part in the growth and stunts of the company. With the increase in the value of the company the investment, profits and the individual dividends increase.
Buying a stock means, buying a share of the company which means the confirmed certification of a part of stock. The ownership provides the investor with a confirmed say on any decisions to change, improvise or act on the property.

Ways to execute the Trade
            Exchange Floor
The trade directly on the floor is the imagery to assert the real aspect of trading in New York Stock Exchange. The process is carried out as in the example,
o   Tell the broker to buy 10 shares of Kleenex
o   Broker transfer the order to their clerk on exchange floor
o   Clerk finds the trader on the floor willing to sell 10 shares of Kleenex
o   Both the parties agree on one deal of price
o   Deal completes
o   Broker calls to confirm the price
o   Few days after, call to the trader confirms the notification
The consistence of the rush and hurry of a Stock Exchange like the one of New York is limited when considering the human based involvement in it. A small percentage of NYSE is electronically done while its competitor NASDAQ is entirely electronic. The electronic market on its own locates and connects the buyer to the seller and eliminating the brokers. Larger institutions prefer this kind of funding for its markets.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Doug Mears Helps in Online Article Marketing Without Any Complaints!

Thousands of internet marketing gurus, including Doug Mears (also was an Actor) explicates different ways to capitalize on online article marketing with no Complaints at all! According to them, a person can easily drive substantial amount of traffic simply by following the fundamental tactics of search engine optimization (SEO) i.e. article marketing. With the help of this tool the sale conversion becomes much easier. However, the biggest problem is that most of the online marketing enthusiasts are not aware about the significance of keywords optimization in a correct way. Following post is going to show, how to make it happen.

Do Your Preparation!
A common mistake which is made about every second internet marketer is that they pen down the article first and after this they pick up various keywords in order to relate them to the already written post. Obviously, this is not the ideal way to use the weapon of article marketing, since you are not sure about the rankings of chosen keywords on the World Wide Web. That is where the role of keyword research tools comes into play. They could be used to figure out those relevant keywords which are trending or hot.

Educate Reader by Focusing On Quality
Cramping articles with loads of keywords is also one of those mistakes which should be avoided in any case. According to the internet marketing experts, the best way to put the name of your website in the good books of major search engines, such as Google, Bingo, Yahoo etc. is by writing content of top quality.